Celebrating over 120 Years of Service

People with a place and a passion. People with a history and a hope. People with a mission and a vision.

We are a “post-denominational” congregation with splendid preaching, superb music, and engaging programs for children, youth, and adults. Out of gratitude for all that God is doing for us, we seek to love and honor God through our worship and service through our ministry to others.

Who you will find at the chapel

Who We Are | Royal Poinciana Chapel

We are a congregation of real people who face life with hope and joy because of the powerful presence of God whose loving Spirit in Christ we encounter each day. Having been drawn together into a caring family of love and faith, we seek to demonstrate that love and faith in the conduct of our lives. Out of gratitude for all that God does for us, we seek to love and honor God through our worship and service through our ministry to others.

Our identity is shaped by these beliefs and practices

We continually seek to discover the love and will of God, believing that God is always offering people creative ways to serve in the church and in the world.

We believe that regular worship is the central act of the people of God. Worship is highly participatory and is the hub from which prayer, study, service, stewardship, care for one another, fellowship, evangelism, and servant leadership emerge.

We acknowledge that the Bible is a record of God’s continuing loving relationship with humanity, as well as a rich source of guidance for our lives.

We believe that prayer is a dialogue with God that provides nourishment and strength for living.

We feel we have an obligation to provide a Christian education program through which every child, youth, and adult can understand the basic doctrine of the Christian faith, apply the teachings of the Bible to the practical situations of our lives, and grow toward Christian maturity.

We believe that the biblical concept of percentage giving is a joyful response to God’s grace in Jesus Christ and an inestimable privilege. We challenge everyone to be intentional, not only about giving but also about moving systematically toward the tithe and beyond it to radical generosity.

We affirm that the Chapel’s ministry should meet the practical needs of people in a changing society by providing a warm, loving environment in which members and others feel welcomed and affirmed.

We welcome people into our congregation with an open heart, seeking to meet the needs of people and care for all God’s children in a diverse, pluralistic and multicultural neighborhood.

We recognize that numerical growth is directly related to spiritual growth and operate on the principle that people will come to the Royal Poinciana Chapel for worship and involvement if they are receiving spiritual power for daily living.

(Adopted and Approved by the Chapel Board of Directors, and joint Temporal and Spiritual Advisory Boards, December, 2004)