Celebrating over 120 Years of Service

This series brings preachers of high regard to the Chapel’s pulpit periodically during the season. This worship program is generously underwritten by Tweed McElveen, Dr. John McElveen and The Honorable Bonnie McElveen-Hunter in memory of their mother, Madeline McElveen. Distinguished and invited preachers have been The Rev. Dr. Thomas, K. Tewell, Dr. Eric Motley, The Rev. Dr. M. Craig Barnes, The. Rev. J. Howard Eddington, The Rev. Dr. Thomas Long, The Rev. Dr. Steve Eason, The Rev. Dr. James Forbes, and The Rev. Dr. Barry Black.

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Preachers for 2022 included:

Rev. Dr. Francis Wade – February 13

Rev. Dr. Tom Tewell – March 20

Rev. Dr. Russell Levenson – May 1

McElveen Distinguished Preacher Series | Royal Poinciana Chapel