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Men's Groups | Royal Poinciana Chapel

Men’s Bible Study

Please join us Tuesday mornings at 7:30am for our weekly Chapel Men’s Group. We meet weekly October 1 through May, and monthly throughout the summer (contact the Chapel office for the meeting day of the month or contact dr.apjanklow@royalpoincianachapel.org to be included in emails that announce meeting times). Facilitators of the hour are Dr. Janklow, Dr. Norris, Tim Sotos, and invited Chapel members and guests. The hour includes teachings from the Bible and thoughtful discussion. Past themes include Calling, Legacy, Spiritual Gifts, Miracles and Healing, Trials in Life, and The Holy Spirit. Guest speakers. All members of our community are welcome.

Men’s Book Club

From October to May, join us on Tuesday afternoons from 11:30am to 1pm for our weekly Men’s Book Club. Men from the Chapel and community gather in Seagull Cottage for discussion about a book and lunch. We are currently reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. We have a wonderful group engaging in thoughtful discussion of this book and invite men from the Chapel and community to join us.

More Information

We invite and welcome newcomers to attend any of our meetings, but recommend contacting Dr. Janklow, dr.apjanklow@royalpoincianachapel.org to make sure we are meeting on the day you plan to attend.