Youth Ministry



Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live is offered for both middle school students as well as high school-aged students. The program runs Friday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. During the evening, children participate in a group dinner, games, worship and fellowship. All students from fifth through 12th grades in our community are invited to join this amazing youth program.


Sunday School

While children are welcome in the Sanctuary during worship, most of our youth take part in our amazing Sunday School program located in Seagull Cottage. Age-appropriate lesson plans are developed for each class of children to maximize their growth and faith in Christ.


Ministry and Outreach

Throughout the year, church youth are encouraged to be involved with Ministry work. During the Christmas season, children are invited to participate in Operation Christmas Child by filling shoe boxes for underprivileged children.

This past year, youth helped those in Haiti by sponsoring a flip-flop drive. Flip-flops were donated and delivered by members of our Church family to the needy in Haiti.

Starting this fall, Chapel youth will be engaging in a very exciting outreach program, lovingly nicknamed “Holy Cow”. In conjunction with Food For the Poor, Church youth will aim to raise money to purchase a cow for a Haitian family in need.

A cow is a priceless gift for a destitute family without food or income. Besides providing nutritious milk and protein for a family, a cow also provides extra products for them to sell. This valuable source of income can bring about real change for an impoverished family.