The Lord said “On this rock I will build my Church” and therefore it is behooving for our committee to build its foundation based upon the un-weathering kindness that is the bed of our Christian Faith.

The Royal Poinciana Chapel participates in local, national, and international outreach efforts.

One of the pleasures of being a volunteer is watching the appreciative faces of those who we assist. On the fifth Wednesday of each month we serve meals at St. George Soup Kitchen in Riviera Beach and twice a month we make sandwiches for the homeless at St. Ann Place in West Palm Beach. In February 2010 we began participating in the Urban Youth afternoon snack program by handing out healthy snacks for children on thursdays of each week.

In 2009 we took on a construction project at St. Ann Place. St. Ann Place is devoted to the area homeless, whereby the homeless are afforded the opportunity of getting a daily shower, clean clothes, coffee and doughnuts, bagged lunches, mail box, assistance in finding medical care and a place to keep prescription drugs. This project involved “gutting” the kitchen and clothes storage room and transforming it into a more efficient work space.

In 2010 we plan on “tackling” a building addition at St. Ann Place that will provide a much needed bathroom for the homeless. We have also started a “Bicycle Program for the Homeless”. In 2008 the free bus pass program for the homeless was terminated. These bus passes enabled the homeless to get to medical facilities, soup kitchens and to those fortunate few who have jobs to their workplace. For 2010 our goal is to donate ten bicycles per month to put worthy needy individuals on the path to independence.

Our committee was set up to perform volunteer work. However, we know that not all can volunteer and volunteering is not enough. We must, as a community of Christians, provide resources that will ease the plight of the needy. I urge you to provide these resources, whether they are in the form of monetary gifts or physical assets (Clothing, bicycles, etc). If you have a passion and want to contribute financially please designate your gift to “Special Projects – Hands-On Outreach Committee). For those who wish to volunteer please contact a committee member.

For more information about how you can get involved contact us at