The Chapel, intentionally, has no pledge program but nonetheless relies on your gifts each week or through the quarterly special appeals to fund the operational costs of the Chapel. These gifts are the way the congregation supports the Chapel and its work and worship among us and in the community.

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Request for Sanctuary Flowers

If you are interested in providing Chancel flowers as a memorial or in honor of a friend or a family member, please call the Chapel office at 561.655.4212.

Now and Tomorrow Campaign

The Royal Poinciana Chapel is as vital today as it has ever been. Worship is engaging and meaningful, with inspiring sermons and uplifting music. The Chapel continues to increase spiritual enrichment opportunities for its congregants and provide compassionate and caring outreach across Palm Beach County.

A master plan has been developed to protect, preserve and provide a secure future for the Chapel. Over the past several months, members of the Chapel’s Board of Directors have spoken to the congregation during Sunday worship services about the immediate needs for capital improvements and repairs, as well as the need to fund endowments for continued growth of the Chapel’s internal and external outreach programs. Recently, we formally announced the Chapel’s new capital campaign, NOW & TOMORROW, to meet these needs. The campaign has four components:

  • Repairs and Renovations
  • Historic Preservation
  • Music/Audio Programs
  • Pastoral Fund


In all, our campaign goal is $7.5 million.

Below is a comprehensive explanation of our needs for your information and consideration.

Nearly 120 years since its inception, the Chapel is strong today because of contributing members who worship at this historic site and enthusiastically help fulfill the Chapel’s year-round mission. This campaign is being launched to preserve and provide a secure future for the Chapel, as those who came before us dedicated themselves to establish a legacy that current members enjoy. Dr. Norris, members of the Board of Directors, and members of the Finance Committee will be happy to discuss any aspect of this funding effort with you. It is our hope that this campaign will encourage a commitment to the Chapel – for those who worship here year-round and those who attend seasonally – and provide an opportunity to build our faith. Joyful giving is an integral component of worship and an outgrowth of our faith and life.

$7.5 Million Capital Campaign’s Four Components

Major projects include installation of hurricane-resistant authentic Palladian windows in the sanctuary and fellowship hall; construction of a permanent seawall; repair of extensive window-sill wood rot damage; replacement of railings along the front portico roofs; replacement of rotted finials on the tower; replacement of the interior carpet and entry tile, as well as refinishing the hardwood floors; and renovation of the Chapel restrooms and kitchen cabinetry.

The Chapel’s current endowment fund to maintain its buildings and grounds is helpful, but due to the expansion of the many programs and facilities, income from this fund is no longer adequate. It is critical now to fund preservation of the Chapel’s historic structures, including the sanctuary itself, Seagull Cottage and the Chapel tower.

The Grand Austin Organ is the musical centerpiece of the Chapel’s worship services. Substantial restoration of this instrument has consumed many months and has been partially underwritten to a large degree. Additional funds are needed to pay for this rejuvenation, as well as the new audio/visual system that was installed this past summer. The entirely new system is completely digital, offers the latest technology in sound reproduction, and eliminates the old, unsightly analog loudspeakers. In addition, the chancel lighting display was converted to an LED system which is safer, consumes much less energy and, thereby, is significantly cooler than the old incandescent array.

PASTORAL FUND – $3 million
To ensure that the Chapel has qualified ministers such as those who historically have been appreciated over the years, the Chapel is creating the Pastoral Fund endowment to perpetually generate income for ministerial salaries, housing and related expenses. Additionally, inclusion of a pastoral associate is planned. An indirect benefit of creating this fund is that its existence allows the allocation of more money and resources for external outreach programs in the community, as well as internal programs focused on spiritual enrichment for the Chapel’s congregants.